Arms of Valor W,P
Arms of Valor offers a wide range of both European and Oriental arms and armour.

Bright Blades On-Line Catalog W,P
Although they mainly deal in swords (of nearly every possible kind), Bright Blades also offers fencing armour.

The Chainmail Armour Home Page C
Although, perhaps not The Chainmail Armour Home Page, this site does include a brief history of maille.

Creative Maille LLC C
Creative Maille LLC is in the business of making high quality rings, including anodized aluminum, but also artistic pieces and helping it`s customers do their own business with maille.

Fireside Armoury C,P
European armour reproductions for distinguished clients and collectors.

Forte Stage Combat W,C
This site is unique in that it offers weapons and armour for rent as well as for sale. They also offer resources for stage combat choreography.

Honest John`s House of Chain C
There aren`t too many places you can buy rivetted maille; this is one of them.

Ice Falcon Armoury P,L
High quality/price plate armour for sale. You get what you pay for.

Lord Randolph C
This is the only place that I`ve ever seen, complete, do-it-yourself chainmail kits. Loose links are offered as well.

Macula Arma C
A UK based armour site, all java-ed up and ready to go.

Malachi`s Mail C
Mainly dealing in chain jewelry, Malachi offers some interesting items for the fairer sex.

Manning imperial W,P,C,L
This well-designed site offers some very nice items for some very nice prices, especially if you can get a good exchange rate to AUD.

Reliks Swords and Collectibles W
Reliks, located in London Ontario, has a wide selection of swords for sale.

The Ring Lord C
The ring Lord primarily sells loose rings and chain kits, but you can also buy chainmaille in nearly any stage of production.