I have finally gotten around to setting up my links page as I`d like it. I know how frustrating it can be to surf around, unable to find just the right site with the info/item I am looking for. Because of this I`ve subdivided my links into informational and vendor pages. In addition to that, I`ve also indicated which pages have info on/sell maille, plate, leather, and/or weapons. If you find that any of these links come up dead, don`t bring you to the site promised, or you want to add your link, please let me know at
Legend : C=Chainmaille, P=Plate, L=Leather, W=Weapons

Informational Links

Anvilfire P
Anvilfire is a great resource for all things related to blacksmithing, including armour.

Arador Armour Library W,P,C,L,etc...
The Arador Armour Library is a good resource for armourers on the web. Almost any question you have about armouring, can be answered in this forum.

Armour Archive W,P,C,L,etc...
The Armour Archive is easily the most active and diverse forum for armourers on the web.

Armour Projects and Patterns P,C
Created by Craig Nadler (a contributer to the Colluphid Armoury Pattern Library), this page contains patterns, articles, and photos of many armour projects.

The Castle C
For now The Castle is a large collection of arms and armour links.

Chain Mail C
A simple page with a few defenitions and links.

The Chainmaille Board C
If you are looking for input on chainmaille this is the place to go. If you can think it, they have tried it.

Chainmaille Oddyssey C
In addition to a chainmail FAQ, this site has a photo of an expanded persian weave, unlike any I`ve ever seen.

The Chao Pasture C
Eclectic in both html style and chain, this site challenges the reader to come up with "an idea for an unusual piece of chainmail", and if it is unusual enough, the author will make it for you, for the cost of materials and shipping alone.

Darn`s Den of Armour P
Darn`s Den has info on garb, feasting, and (of course) armour. Some patterns are also included.

Highland Swordsmen W,C
Bloody good fun with weapons and armour.

Montanaro`s Medieval Period W,P,C,L
With info on armour, leathercraft, heraldry ,and more, This page offers a little of everything.

Phil`s Riveted Mail Page C
This page is one of the few with info of riveted maille.

Sara`s Chainmail Connection W,P,C,L
Ask almost any mailler on the net where they got the information to get started and you will get the answer: Sara`s Chainmail Connection! This is where I got my start as well.

Silk Road Designs Armoury W,P,C,L
This resource for armour history, is set up like a textbook.

William of Stafford`s Arms & Armour Index W,P,C,L
William`s page is one of the largest collection of arms and armour links on the web.